Automation coverage Is it 100%?

What made me write this blogpost is question in 2016 which I had to face n no of times wrt more in automation coverage.How to build up the client confidence during transition or even during releases.

We were working for one of our finance client and at time we faced this question multiple time what is your test coverage and automation coverage ?During transition of this project to people who are still adopting agile way of working  we faced a question ,what report you can give us for audit? Ahh reporting we don’t do reporting in agile based project this was our first reaction with all jargons you need to trust your team and n no of counter arguments. But client need some reports for automation coverage to present before audit team which we never thought of.

This pushed me to go back and introspect our test coverage and how can we present to people who are not that close to code. After scratching couple of stickies these were the approaches which I decided to show them during transition :

  1. Make them comfortable with Test Pyramid.
  2. Educate them each and every test can’t be user flow.
  3. Give the basics of CI tool which your using , so they can see the reports by themselves whenever it is needed instead of searching stale reports in inbox.
  4.  QA+ProMa pairing helped us in our scenario, which helped to gain the trust and confidence of ProMa and get valuable inputs from ProMa (Product Manager) about test coverage.
  5. Walk through the regression pack if you have any where you have kept your scenario which are not automatable.

At the end of five week of transition the task which was not in my handover list made me learn to think that things needs to be communicated in a manner that whoever is involved in project should gain the confidence of test coverage ,not only from project and team trust perspective .

Now you know what you need to do when people ask for 100%test automation or test coverage.

With this I received the answer of most frequent asked question in 2016. Yes it is 100% at different levels 🙂


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